Embracing Change

Embracing Change

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, think and the way in which we work. For our sanity we have to embrace the change rather than fight it.

Change Ahead

Embracing Change

The day to day impact of the pandemic is gradually beginning to reduce for those of us who live in Europe.  Whilst we are by no means back to normal, whatever that is, we are beginning to return to a life in which socialising and travel are feasible, even if a little more complicated than before.

During the last 18 months there has been much talk of a “new normal” and whilst many of us hoped the new normal would be the same as the old normal, it is now becoming increasingly obvious that many aspects of our lives have changed and are unlikely to return to the way that they were before.

During the last few months the travel corridors within Europe seem to be opening up.  During the summer, in the south of Spain, we saw a large influx of visitors even if many more than normal seemed to have arrived by car.  Air travel however, does seem to growing again and we are now beginning to see the return of some British visitors who had largely disappeared during the worst days of the pandemic.  This has obviously been accentuated by “Brexit” and the rule changes which that has triggered.  Although it is fair to say that he general feeling is that the British tourist trade will recover to very close to its previous level as the new rules become a part of life, and as they inevitably get refined to ensure that the all-important tourist trade can run smoothly.

We seem to have changed the way in which we go shopping, home deliveries are a part of every day life and the effects on the retail trade will no doubt mean businesses changing the way they work and the way in which interact with their customers.  Many businesses have made significant changes and offering really good online services whilst some seem to still have some way to go to catch up.  However we shop it creates jobs.  The people who do the deliveries are employees in just the same way as the people who work in the shops.

We notice the changes in the way people live from the enquiries that we receive.  We are seeing more people who, having been locked away in city centre apartments with no outdoor space, are now wanting to make the change and live in locations with more space and a better of quality of life.  Enquiries from people moving from the cities are strong and this coupled with the new ability for many to work from home is evidenced by the number of enquiries asking for work space or home office possibilities.  International clients are thinking that if they only need to visit the office once a month then maybe a flight is as easy as a train ride and international relocation for quality of life reasons becomes a possibility.

Because many of our buyers and sellers are from outside our immediate area the dramatic increase in the use of technology for communication has made our business easier.  We have all become accustomed to make video calls and attending zoom meetings and we all have access to the necessary technology.  Whether it be WhatsApp for messages or video calls, virtual viewings and fast transmission of data and files communication is easier than ever before.  During the recent years the changes in communication have made us more available and more capable of giving international clients the same service that we could give if they were on the doorstep.   Centralised cloud based databases mean that we can work from anywhere and there is no longer a need to be office based.   The team can also work together and communicate with an open message system and the sales people who live all over the coast can work and travel from their homes meaning that the 7 days service we provide also fits more seamlessly into our private lives.

We all need to continue embracing change and whatever changes you are planning in your life we are here to help you, and assist you in finding the perfect base or home to carry on thriving.  You can then make the most of all the opportunities with which you are presented.  Please call us on (0034) 952 90 52 00  , email to  or use the message service on this website to get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.   You might also like to follow us on Instagram @michaelmoonmarbella

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