Is remote working really remote?

Is remote working really remote?

We are changing the way in which we think, the ways in which we communicate and the way in which we live. Embrace the change!

Remote working

We are now almost a year in to the Covid-19 pandemic and so much has changed.

 If anyone had said a year ago that we would be hold up in our homes with restricted movement and ability to travel we would have been shocked and would have said that it couldn’t happen.  The same can be said about home, or remote working.

 Although a year ago we had everything in place to work remotely we were still in the pattern of going to the office everyday in the belief that it was the only place from which we could work.  This was despite the fact that, we had the communicatioin tools and all our files and data was held on remote servers and could be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

Then, all of a sudden the world changed and we were forced to stay at home and put all the systems to the test.  The great surprise, for us at least, was that it worked incredibly well.   We have always been a 7 days a week business responding to customer needs and enquiries as and when they arise and now all of a sudden we have the flexibility to work when needed, take relaxation time as it suits us and still perform in the same way.

During the last year face to face meetings with clients have become more difficult.   For us meetings were rarely in the office environment, they were usually in conveniently located cafés and terraces or in the home of our customer.  This now became more difficult and despite the ease of using the telephone, e-mail or even WhatsApp the relationships started to feel a bit more at arms-length.  

 A year ago some of us were having the occasional video chat with family and friends, especially if they were living far away.  Vvideo conferencing for work meetings existed but was less favoured that the traditional session around the table, with perhaps the odd remote guest appearing on a TV screen. Now all of a sudden, in a matter of weeks, video calls became main stream with families using them to stay in touch even though they were only a short distance apart.  “Zoom” became a household word with companies fuelling its exponential growth into becoming the norm for business meetings and conferences.  The idea of having a video chat suddenly becomes mainstream and as a means of staying in touch with customers it is brilliant.

 In a video chat you can still get to know the person your are talking to, you can see from the facial expressions whether or not they are responding well to your narrative, you can judge if something needs explaining in more detail or if there are problems that need addressing.  It is possible to create a working relationship in the same way as you would with a face to face meeting.  This comes with advantages for business efficiency and also fitting meetings into your lifestyle.  You don’t have to travel to a video meeting.  There is no parking the car, waiting for each other to get through the traffic jam etc.  A half hour video meeting, takes half an hour, in our experience a half hour face to face meeting could easily take 2 hours out of the day.  In our opinion, even when we can meet more easily, travel from area to area without restrictions and sit in cafés and bars to chat, video meetings will always have a place in our business lives.  They are positive change which has happened in the last 10 months or so.

View property from the comfort of your armchairRemote property viewings are a natural extension to the video meeting.  At the moment it is difficult for some of our buyers to get to the Costa del Sol to view properties.  There may be one or two that you find really interesting and would like to see in more detail than you get from the standard photos and video.  A remote viewing is the answer.  At an agreed time we will go to the property and show you through it.  Anything you want to see in more detail you can see and any queries can be answered there and then.  If the property it is not for you it saves you time and trouble but if it is really interesting maybe you will want to take the trouble to come over and see it or, if you know the location and the type of product it may be enough for you to want to buy.

The next stage is that it starts to become less important where we actually live.  Because we are not travelling to the office everyday perhaps home can be a bit further away, in a more pleasant environment, or even in a more pleasant climate. If you are only going to the office once every 2 months or so, then a flight from Malaga to London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt is probably as convenient as taking a train.   Following the dream of a more pleasant life has suddenly become more achievable for more of us and the enquiries we are receiving on daily basis are evidence of this.   More of us want to get out of the cities who want to look a different existence and press the “refresh button” on our lives.

What we are talking about here is embracing change.  The willingness to think differently, and to do things differently, not only because they have been forced upon us but also because they make sense.  I think, as a result of the events of the last year, the changes to the way we work have probably come 10 years sooner than would otherwise have been the case.

 If this rings a bell with you and you would like to talk through the options to available to you in the South of Spain, then we are just a video call away.  Give us a quick call on (0034) 952 90 52 00, e-mail   or alternatively use the live chat here to set up an appointment. 

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