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Keeping Marbella’s beaches clean

Every morning before the majority of visitors are up and about there is team of town hall workmen out making sure that Marbella’s beaches are kept clean and tidy.

 beach cleaning

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Dogs are not allowed on Marbella’s beaches in the summer in case they leave an “unpleasant” mess on the beach.

The same rule does not apply to human beings as they only leave plastic bottles, glass bottles, sandwich wrappers, used diapers, plastic cups and bags, cigarette ends, flip flops, childrens toys and various other unpleasant flotsam and jetsam

flip flopEvery morning a team of Town Hall workmen go out and comb every inch of Marbella’s beaches to ensure then we go do there we find a pleasant environment.  They gather up the mess put it into bin bags which are then collected by the tractor which further grades the sand to extract more rubbish and stones etc.

To see the amount of rubbish that is left behind is quite a sobering experience and leave me wondering why people cannot pick up their own rubbish when they leave the beach and if they walk past somebody else’s plastic bottle actually pick that up as well.  As a youngster in the UK in the early 70’s I remember seeing a series a public information films starring cartoon characters Joe and  his hideous wife Petunia.  One in particular, about having respect for the country code has always stuck in my mind.  The scene of devastation they left behind after a picnic looks very similar to the mess which some people leave on the beaches.  Here is a link to the film and it’s sad to say that I think we can still recognise Joe and Petunia although these days we would have hope that they would be more environmentally aware and responsible!

If you are visiting Marbella this summer you will not doubt venture down to the beach at some time.   It would be great if you could leave it as clean and tidy or even better than it was when you arrived.   It’s not a great deal to ask.

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